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Information About Bait
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One of the greatest features of the Rid-Max Fly Trap is the fact that you can use and experiment with so many different types of bait. We recommend those which are non-toxic, readily available, and cost virtually nothing or are absolutely free. These range from simple household food products to natural animal by-products. We have tested a wide range of baits and found that while all were successful in luring flies into the trap, some species of flies are more strongly attracted to certain types of baits than others.

For Best Results:

• Re-bait your Rid-Max Fly Trap daily with fresh attractant. If using commercial pheromone bait, add only as needed.
• There are hundreds of species of flies. Certain species are more (or less) attracted to certain types of baits. You may have to experiment to discover which bait is best suited for the specific types of flies in your area.

Some examples of baits successfully used with the Rid-Max Fly Trap are:

Animal/Pet droppings:
Listed first because it is effective, free, non-toxic to other animals or wildlife, and available "fresh" every day. Just a small piece is necessary under the trap...using such a small amount works very effectively and is virtually odorless to humans, yet extremely attractive to insects. Works well for all types of flies, especially those which are a nuisance to animals (i.e. dung-flies, bluebottles, horseflies, houseflies), and many other types of crawling and flying insects.

Raw Meat, Fish scraps:
Works to catch a wide range of fly species, as well as many other crawling and fly insects. An especially effective bait for luring meat-eating flies and bees.

Over-ripe fruit scraps:
Works well for many species of flies, and other crawling and flying insects-- especially the fruit eating flies.

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